Nowhere Is Safe

by Everywhere Danger!

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Sorry! this is the same material originally on "Time Travelers Daughter". I decided for this collection of songs I prefer this cover and title. I am going to make something different out of the other cover.


released January 21, 2015

All songs written by Kael Janson Weis,
except "Wreathed in Flame" which was written by Travis Rivera, Damien Page and Kael Weis.
And "Ruin U" which was written by Jason Britten, Damien Page, Tom Harper and Kael Weis.

Album art by Kristian Weis

Damien Page -Drums, Guitar,
Jon Spearly- Guitar and Production
Zachary Maser- Violin, Acoustic Lead Guitar
Seunghoon Choi- Electric Lead Guitar
Kael Weis- Vocals, Lyrics, Production, Guitar, Keys, ect.
Mark Holland- Drums on "Ruin U" and bass
Chip Taylor- Bass
Jason Britten- Guitar and Vocals



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Everywhere Danger! State College, Pennsylvania

"Everywhere Danger!" is a Alternative Rock band piloted by long time songwriter and performer Kael Janson Weis. an overly underused, outcast, teenage orphan, folk punk, underdog, Who just may perhaps be one of modern underground music's best kept secrets. With a unique artistic voice all in his own, his deep obsession and passion for music was crafted at an early ignited love for song-smithing. ... more

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Track Name: Exodus
Exodus - Music & Lyrics written by Kael Janson Weis

From higher than the mountaintops we drop
all misbegotten
and lost along our plot
Woo! ( get err done!)
High ho, this waterfall is steep
we will all be surely crushed
by the rocks in the shallows beneath
and thus our think tank sank
to the bottom of the bay
down to the reef
Righty oh!
This outlook sure does seem bleak.
and thus our powers overthrown,
as we are cast down to the harsh stone,
and suffered our worst defeat

Awe, that's not how you put a fire out!
Come and play little ones!
It's a game of befuddling fun!
Break out the kerosene,
and we'll lay waste to these broken dreams properly.
Smother this valley in the avalanche of our screams, properly.
Collapse the sky and make it rain the debris of the galaxy!

And in time they'll see,
it as an apology for all our mistakes.

All you miserable fucking people!
Just making other people miserable!
All you selfish fucking people!
Just hoarding all your wealth and control!

The summer beast grinds his growling teeth
covered in the debris of trees,
all revved up and now ready to feast.
This up coming storm of an abnormally evil sort
is that what troubles him least……
She hovers above him fondling his leash.
Because the day will come,
when everyone we love just ups and leaves.
And the Time will seem
ripe for an apology for all our missed faiths.
(get err done! Take it along now!)

All you miserable fucking people!
Just making other people miserable!
All you selfish fucking people!
Just thinking the world revolves around y'all!

She roams the marble dwellings of her bouts
always further within,
never far from without.
But she could reignite a symphony
to melt these walls dry.
Rename this town fireside and
eat the apple of your eye.

But the day will come when everyone we love,
just ups and leaves.

Come and play, little ones its game of fuck-futtery fun!
Our territory goes all the way to the deep!
Demote your black arts down to pure chemistry!
Dance in the raining blood of our former deities!

And the time will be, for an apology, for all our mistake. (Now, that is how you put a fire out!)
And the time will seem, right for an apology, for all our missed faith.

Because the day will come,
when everyone we love,
Just ups and leaves.
Track Name: Terror Unlimited
We throw our rock
and splash
all the fishes' they swim away
and break!

too indiscrete
yet somehow I'm living way out of my means
but I'm always at work with life always just around the bend
I close my eyes I already know how this one ends
I drove illegal through the freezing rain
drums in tow, go, go!
Paid the cover so my band could play
don't dismay, just get through it and
Aye, eye , yai
El Captian!
I'm at my living end
here beside myself
screaming why high eye
should this so happen?
Here I die where I defile myself

well, we gave our all
we bash our skulls
against these waves of rock and roll
that consume our skulls, whole
that leaves us stumbling out of control
through the wind and the rain and the light patterns pertained
to the inner dimension, subvert to the outer plain.
Mind and body keep growing adjacent
Ex-girlfriend scarier than the ghost in the basement
but that's only when she drinks
and in the morning she's sweeter than the angels can sing.

So here we go again
around another life altering when
tip the bottle and descend
all roads lead to an end
And everybody!
fry in the whites of your lies
Until your souls demise
And all the color washes right from your eyes
We're all Striving
From side to side
All On the edge of our minds
Conieving just to get by
But all these corridors lead to doors that are already closing
and all these bridges are merely smolders by the time we get on them
and here we are
Idly clinging to a rock
Blindly swinging through space
anyone who isn't constantly Terrified
is completely out of there minds

So our senses dull
As we sercome to the lull
Of this fiery rock & roll
that engulfs my soul whole leaves us
Bumbling at the controls
And oh no we've so much further to go
thru the hate and the pain
that facilitates my chosen trade
well you have to be miserable if you want to create anything great
and everything I make always breaks for fucks sake
and everyone I love becomes an enemy too forsake
It must make it that much more entertaining to see my face
when I play with both feet sticking in the grave
For Gods love we are all a soul to save or neigh,
and I always kind of felt that maybe I don't make the break.
I don't have what it takes!
I'm up short and late,
And I couldn't make a god damn thing!

We're all born with the disease called life
We all just keep on living until we die
Which left up to an asbcent mastermind
Could be just about at anytime
What if we're all just a fabulous mistake
All just the successful race
of the greater apes
Infesting a hospitable landscape
Hurling through the infinite darkness of space
Not the master plan of some almighty Sam
Waiting behind the drapes of space
To welcome us home through it's pearly gates
What if when all is all
We just erase
Track Name: *Fell Swoop
the sickness
It's vicious
Otherworldly addictive
oh so delicious.
Up with the down and out with the explicit.

I can feel when you're gonna be around
Like an earthy wormy squirming in my bones
like harsh weather a' brewing
and stewing in my own chemicals

Alone is nothing to be afraid of. No!
At least you'll never leave yourself!

Why does everybody spend all their time?
making any other somebody that they might come across
as miserable as possible.
At times like these
we must take to recourse!

Hope you're ready for the go way back, burn it backwards
and let your history unravel on it's self, Whoa!
We're traveling cosmic freeways to new mental hell. Whoa!
You're just watching the world burn while you save yourself.

It's one fell swoop and you're off with me darling.
one recoup and I'm starting with nothing.
one hoochie coo and I hit the ground running,
dodging through your hula hoops.
Got me ducking and dodging!

There's nothing in your garden but stones!
There's nothing in your garden but bones!
You best leave botany alone!
Cause nothing's gonna grow where it's always so cold
in august atrium of your love!
Track Name: the Time Traveler's Daughter (Eagle's Landing)
Time Traveler's Daughter by Kael Janson Weis 9-10-09

Oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
verse 1
Duck in the Water,
Birddog takes to the sky!
Leave your frustrations, painfully, enigmatically astride!
For the duration,
We're being bombarded from every side!
For this implication...
Well fuck it!
We must be out of our minds!

Woh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
Woe…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
Thinking maybe we should…
Run! Run all the way home!
Run! Run all the way home!
Run! Run all the way home!
Run! Best get to getting,
Before the getting's all gone!

Oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!

Verse 2
The Time Traveller's Daughter,
is bat shit fucking insane.
For your information,
every third word out of her mouth has to be five times explained.
for this infuction, well in every life so must fall a little rain.
For more education,
Tap us!
We'll be circling the drain

uh oh, Yoo hoo! Yoo hoo!
Who ! huh?
Little lady….
Thinking maybe we should…
Run! Run all the way home
Run! Run all the way home
Best get to getting, before the getting's all gone.
Oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!

Little lady, well?
Well, if we calibrate our minds.
Couragio bully monster!
We be doing fine!
Force to trudge where our shadow won't even fallow.
Has got us all on our tippest most toes

Oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!

Verse 3
Vertigo Widget to the slaughter, she'll be everyone's bane!
She's a marauder, Yes, indeedy!
Enough to steal away the rest of your days!
She's a degodder! She'll rip the old man right out the sky!
leave your heaven ashes!
but hey, dying may be still worth a try.

Oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!

everyone, think maybe we should…
Shut up and run!
Just fucking run!

Boys and girls!…
I thinking maybe we should...
Run all the way home
Run all the way home
Run all the way home
Best get to getting,
before the getting's all gone

Oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
oh…. Yoohoo!, YooHoo!
Track Name: White Noise
White noise

Hark! Me maties.

verse 1
Here we be hitting the strange
to regain and retain
that childhood like state of amazement.
The ignorance and bliss
at not already knowing the jist of every plot twist

So we subvert from the norms
like a raging storm
Overthrowing your senses!
your imagination is dead,
because reality murdered it

Chorus 1
So the zombie's vogue,
trying not to eat each other.
And our saving throw rolls…..
right off the cotton-picken' table.
Here I am!
Cradling my head in my hands!
Trying to keep myself together!
But when the darkness begins to grow,
my horns start to show

verse 2
my wicked wikken princess
reset your presets
forgo this who-do, bibble-babble
please be dispelling the worst of your curses
and we'll merrily be upon our way

Hip hop this constant nonsense,
dropping this lyrical content, like it is the antibody.
And thus, do we embark to traverse,
this scenic shortcut to hell and back today.

Chorus 2
And like the spider goat's only know,
fervently, that they hunger to consume all matter!
And the stripper girls, they glitch out,
as we mix these tracks down together.
So here I am! The god of damns!
Repeating this verse,
trying to keep my intension's to the better.
But when the fell winds blow,
my dark powers grow.

Ultra- Chorus
There is this scratching
just at the edge of hearing.
There is this humming, and buzzing, and drumming
coming from my very being.

it's all like....
shoop dupe boo do do do do do
shoop dupe do do do do do do
shoop dupe do do do do do do

it grows….
Yeah, I see ya
I hear ya.
girl, I feel ya.
Nope, won't go near ya! (I Bleed White Noise!)
shoop boop, do do do do do do
You scatter me
shoop boop, do do do do do do
You battle me
shoop boop, do do do do do do
you straddle me
shoop boop, do do do do do do
No time for flattery

Back door in under the floor through the ceiling
in through the antique room where they up the anti
up through the downs as these feelings start sur-reeling
I shut my down off, but the paint of the walls is peeling!
shoop boop, do do do do do do
shoop boop, do do do do do do
shoop boop, do do do do do do
shoop boop, do do do do do do
I Bleed White Noise!
I hear ya
God fear ya!
Nope, won't go near you!

I feel ya
shoop boop, do do do do do do
yep I hear ya
shoop dupe do do do do do do
god fear ya
shoop dupe do do do do do do
nope, won't go near ya!
shoop boop, boo do da doop boop boo
shop bop, bad da da bop bop bop bye bye bye

na na na na na
no no no no no no no, Nah!

I bleed White Noise!
Faster! I bleed White Noise!
From Further Off! I bleed White Noise!

Back door in under the floor through the ceiling
into circus room were the carasol floor is wheeling
up through the downs where your feelings start surrealing
in thru the outs where it all shall be revealing'.
shoop boop, boo do da doop boop boo
shoop boop, boo do da doop boop do do
I bleed white noise!
I see ya
I hear ya.
God fear you.
Nope, Won't go near you
Track Name: Insides Out
I hold a mirror up to the portal
Track Name: *Skylar Falls
I try not to look now!
But instinct wins every time

I feed myself to the void

these mental photographs of you
burn exactly the way they're supposed to.
A nice change from the where with all you're always putting me through.

After seven years of being somebodies someone
I just don't know who I am!

I light a cigarette of my memories and watch em burn

I dream of you far away like the mountains of the .....
where you can play at a princess Laiya
But the star wars are already won
they are already done
Track Name: *Light Me Up
Feel a little chill...
run rilely through your entirety and build.

When the rain is pouring and the old lady in snoring,
you could light me up for days!

down where the day dwarf's delve,
another rocky path to hell.

who are you to say these things to me

oh Yeah!
down where the slave force dwells to defeat you back into your infinite self
when you're lighting up, once is never enough
that should learn ya
putting me on the back burner.
Track Name: Wreathed in Flame
Wreathed in Flame

Life goes reeling by
Like black and white cinematography
Clipped together
From a distant time
All humming and buzzing
By your ears your eyes your mind
Fairing bettered weather from this inconsistent brain
Now quiet,
now blaring again
A torrent torn apart by your hurricane rains
By your stormy flames
dissipate my stuttering psyche
like key unlock and lead
suffering disbelief in our own morbid reality

I've heard character is based upon mistakes
These Things we might have changed
I've learned
who we are
is just the sum of all that makes us
My motives need to change

You can change, anytime
But you can't
Ever stay the same
Lives displace
When gone untraced
Emotions gather
Then splatter to the wind
We begin
To take our sins
Out on ourselves
Before we can come together
Knowing it's a long way to go, before we can cum together
Like a butterfly Dancing it's death
Above open flames
My soul disintegrates

I've know character is based upon mistakes
These Things we might have changed
Things we might have changed.
I've learned
who we are
is just the sum of all that makes us
Still, motives need to change
motives need to change

My motives need to change.
Track Name: Lo' & Behold
lo' & Behold
only ten leagues from trouble
and I'm damned if I stay
here in my place
fo' fallowing you
reaping in your wake
I toldt you not to worry
there are other worlds then these
but when you let me drop
All I found were the icy cold of the underneath
monstrosities tear away at my soul
and I start to worry maybe
this is the last stop to go for me

stay far away
I concede to derive myself (contrive to contort myself)
right back into my place (shape)

I can feel you growing impatient
I can see you going adjacent

Three Hits in the back
leave you a bit inexact
and first into last
standing there wondering where the hell your at
10 straight from the flask leaves
you with an empty glass
and fast on your ass
sitting around
waiting for the past to pass
I sometimes think of you
out there on your own
with your soul fucking ghosts
battling your drunken demons all alone
and my heart is prejected out to you
but what's the phantom of my murdered heart really to do for you?

Stay far away
I steal myself right back out of my place
i can feel you growing impatient
I can see you growing complacent
I can hear you growing vacant
& I 'm convinced you're growing distant

a lifetime lived in the past
leaves you with your empty glass
as something just that
a mettaphore to fit your self exactly
way after the fact
Track Name: Days of Lovers Past
Days of Lovers Past

It's ex-girlfriend's day
Like a ninja she infiltrates
Past the guardian centuriens
Of your mind state
She climbs all the way
Up the towers now
Finds a crown
And pulls it down
Places it firmly on her brow
The queen has returned

And the walls
They start to close
And the ceiling gets real low
And everything spins
And I can't sit still
With you out gunning for the kill
Should just take my shrilly drilly fill
And die